GUIDED TOURS Milan - Parma/Busseto - Piacenza - Reggio Emilia


Stefano Torelli has been working as a tourist guide in Milan and in the surrounding area since 1998.

Milan is not only the business centre of Italy, it’s also a beautiful art and culture resort. It is today the second tourist destination in Italy.

A few hours downtown are enough if you like to discover some great masterpieces: Duomo, Castle, Sant’Ambrogio (the ancient Roman basilica), Leonardo's Last Supper (Cenacolo).

If you can stay a longer time, you may find much more: museums (Brera, Ambrosian Library and Gallery, Poldi Pezzoli, city museums in the Castle, the Science and Technology museum); more old basilicas (San Lorenzo, Sant’Eustorgio with its restaured Cappella Portinari, San Simpliciano, San Nazaro); the opera house La Scala and its Museum; the monumental Cemetery with its statues; Galleria Vittorio Emanuele; the football stadion San Siro and, very close to it, the monumental Horse projected by Leonardo.

And why not many other possibilities?
Don't miss the Museo del Novecento, with more than 400 works by the best Italian artist until 1968, fantastically located on piazza del Duomo. You can then visit old churches, explore temporary exibitions, spend a night at a high cultural level (in Scala or in the new Opera House Arcimboldi; in Piccolo Teatro, in Teatro Dal Verme or in the new Auditorium), discover monumental areas just out of the town (in Monza, Chiaravalle, Viboldone); you can simply enjoy your walking through the longest pedestrian area of Italy or in the elegant streets where the best fashion shops are located. And go shopping! What about our restaurants? In Milan you may taste the best fish meals of Italy!

Stefano Torelli can lead you and your group: his accurate and nice explanation can attract demanding tourists as well as students.

Some ideas:
- a guided tour downtown, two hours
- if you have a bus, up to three hours downtown including S.Ambrogio basilica or the Cemetery;
- only one specific monumet or museum (e.g. Leonardo’s Last Supper; Duomo; Brera; Scala Museum: Cappella Portinari)
- a musical visit: the museum of old music intruments in the Castle, opera house La Scala, or S.Ambrogio basilica, San Maurizio…
- Milan as the capital of the Roman Empire in the fourth century (in three hours as a maximum);
- With a bus: some abbeys around Milan (Chiaravalle, Viboldone)

And more and more possibilities!
Pleas contact me in order to know details about prices and availability.

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But now there is another nice opportunity. If you stay in Milan, you could use part of your free time to visit the wonderful town of Parma, 70 miles southern to Milan (80 minutes by train).
In this little beautiful town you can find the Italian way of life at its best level. Parma is the capital of the Italian "Food Valley", so you may find excellent products like Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, special pasta. Parma offers delicious shopping areas not just for food, but also for Italian fashion or art objects. It is also the town of Verdi (born not far froma Parma, in the small beautiful town Busseto, also worthy to be visited) and of Toscanini, which means it is the capital of Italian Opera, giving you the chance of attending great performances in Teatro Regio, Auditorium, Casa della musica. Furtheremore, the centre of this green and elegant town is filled with masterpieces: medieval churches (Duomo, Battistero), Correggio and Parmigianino Renaissance frescoes (in S.Giovanni, Duomo, Camera di san Paolo, S. Maria della Steccata), an impressive XVIIth century theatre (Teatro Farnese); not to mention museums and parks.

Not far from Parma you find nice castles, beautiful hills, excellent food museums (Parmesan cheese museum in Soragna, Parmaham museum in Langhirano).

I hope these lines encouraged you to visit Parma, perhaps combining this visit with your staying in Milan. Please contact me!


Starting in 2011 I propose also guided tours in the nice town PIACENZA abd REGGIO EMILIA; both a few miles from Parma. You'll find nice palaces, fine gothique and romanesque architecture, Renaissance paintings in churches and museums, famous Opera theatres, spectacular pleasant is life in these not so big province towns!


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Guia en castellano: ¡ en todos estos lugares las visitas se pueden hacer también en castellano!

Gid po russki: V Milane i v Parme mogu vodit' gruppy i po russki!

Przewodnik po polsku: A od 2004 roku jestem przewodnikiem w Mediolanie nawet po polsku!