Stefano Torelli: a representer of Italian culture in the world.

-owns more than 30% of the whole world’s art objects;
-is considered worlwide the Country of Music, starting with the gregorian chant of ancient abbeys, up to the marvellous seasons of Renaissance polyphony, Baroque concerto and Belcanto opera in the XIX century;
-is the main heir of Latin and Classic culture, not only because of its relevant archeological museums, but also due to the great tradition of its high schools or universities and the beauty of its rich Neo-Latin language.

Due to his peculiar and brilliant curriculum, Stefano Torelli is able to synthesize in his interesting personality all of these unique Italian features:
-he is a guide of Milan, Parma and of their surroundings,Piacenza and Reggio Emilia: he offers both standard and special tours in order to allow tourists or pupils to discover the most beautiful and attractive parts of this important areas, the main one in Lombardy and some of the most interesting in Emilia;
-he is a musician and is specially experienced in the early music repertoire both as a singer and as a conductor or player, while as a musicologist he’s an expert of italian Opera (which is very normal for people born in Parma!);
-as a graduated in classical Philology and postgraduated in Glottology, he strongly supports any attempt to use Latin in the speech or in written texts as a real, living tongue and not only as a dead school language.

Stefano Torelli offers: -early music concerts -guided tours in English, Italian, French, German, Spanisch, Russian, Polish...and Latin!